Training for businesses

Businesses experience emergencies every day somewhere; whether medical, fire or acts of violence. You will respond to the emergency some way. You will call 911 or administer first aid or lock down the facility. The goal of SHS is to help provide structure and ideas to decrease the time of response and increase the degree of success whenever that emergency happens as well as prevent opportunities for acts of violence.

What can SHS provide for my business?

There are two (2) options available.

Option 1: Active Shooter Training. This training will cover the latest nationwide statistics as well as how to respond when an act of violence takes place. We will also cover how to detect potential acts of violence and how to defuse it. This option lasts about an hour and is done in an open area (ie. conference room). This option does not require a pre-visit.

Option 2:  Security/familiarity Walkthrough and Active Shooter Training. The walkthrough takes place from 1 to 2 weeks prior to the scheduled presentation and can take 1 to 2 hours depending on the size of your facility. The presentation is done in two blocks, Active Shooter Training with a short break then the Security Presentation (Administration ONLY) which can take about a hour as well. We will provide suggestions to better serve your employees and provide a safer work environment. This can vary from altering flows of traffic to capital improvements to your facility.